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"Homer Epic" is a glorious masterpiece with rich meaning. It is both a perfect literary work and an important historical document for studying the ancient clan society. It was officially written in the 6th century BC. It includes two epics, one is "Iliad" (also translated "Ilion"), and the other is "Odysseus" (also translated "Odyssey"). The epic comes from a 10-year war between the Acaeans in the southern part of the Greek island and the Trojans in northern Asia Minor in the late 12th century BC. After the war, there were many legends in the folk. The legends praised the heroic deeds emerging from the war in the form of short songs and were intertwined with ancient Greek myths. They were chanted by folk songs and passed down from generation to generation. , Singing in the clan's official residence. Around the 9th to 8th century BC, Homer (approximately 9-8th century BC), a blind poet, based on short songs, processed it into a sing book, and formally formed the text in the 6th century BC. From the 3rd to the 2nd century BC, scholars in Alexandria edited and reviewed it completely. This is the Homer Epic we see today. Homer's Epic is the earliest and most important work in European literature, and it has provided rich materials and inspiration for future generations, which has led to the birth of countless great books. Engels said: "Homer's epic and all myths-this is the main legacy of the Greeks from the barbaric era to the civilized age." Therefore, this transitional work of "Homer Epic" contains barbaric things such as killing , Brutality, endless war, and women as private property must be understood from a special historical era background, otherwise they will feel incomprehensible. Depicting the hero's decisiveness, bravery, and strength throughout, and showing the hero's wisdom is the main purpose of Homer's Epic Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The poet at the beginning of "Iliad" stated that "Angulius' anger is my theme." The epic used this as a main line to organize the materials and emphasized the noble qualities of the clan heroes. More than two-thirds of the poem describes the situation in which Achilles refused to participate in the war, thus leaving enough space for the image of other heroes. Whether it was Diodes, Aeneas in the Greek Army, or Hector in the Trojan Army, their heroic warfare was manifested in this part. The incomparable power of Sri Lanka laid the foundation. Once Achilles joined the battle, the situation was reversed immediately, killing Hector, then he naturally showed the highest heroic "Odysseus", highlighting the wisdom of Odysseus in Greece, and telling through him The thrilling rafting experience shows the ancient Greeks' struggle with nature, which contains many ancient myths. The first half of "The Ossius" writes about encounters at sea and is full of romance; the second half is about family life and is full of reality. If he strays into Giant Island, killing the one-eyed giant, the son of Poseidon with wisdom, will manifest his great courage and wisdom. When he returned to the palace, he did not fall into the arms of his wife and children unguardedly, but drew up a plan for revenge on the noble children who proposed marriage. Epic shows an era of heroes, an era that makes us feel strange and envious. The emphasis on heroes has peaked in this era. The confrontation of heroes contains the most unique understanding, the greatest tenderness and the most extreme cruelty. The victorious Achilles dragged Hector's body behind the car and demonstrated around the city. But when the old King of Troy came to beg for the return of the body nine days later, he was moved by the old man's sorrow and returned his son's body to him. The Trojans buried their heroes sadly and solemnly. At the same time, this era also confuses modern people: people are slaughtered and traded like cattle, women are transferred as property, and God and God are jealous and fight each other. The structure of the epic is exceptionally exquisite. Both epics span a period of 10 years, but the former only describes 4 days of fighting, 21 days of burial, and 26 days of free time totaling 51 days; the latter also focuses on 41 days of activity. The events related to the theme constitute the core story Carton Of Cigarettes. Other social activities, trade dealings, religious activities and productions are written as natural and simple spoken words interspersed with epic poems Parliament Cigarettes. They use a lot of "Homer-like metaphors". Expressive. Secular portrayal of characters is simple and clear, and a few strokes will draw lifelike characters. And used a side-setting approach
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