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When my family was alive, I was still in my mother's stomach, and when I was born, my old mother passed away. We didn't see it. My mother often recites my old wife in my ear, and the most convenient place to eat is the pickles of my old wife. That kind of delicious and delicious is like a big fish, and the mother who lives is always relishing, so that I have to repeat it, I am afraid that I will not see it. I don��t believe that pickles have existed in ancient times. The ancients may not call it that way. The Book of Songs is called fat storage. It refers to pickles or foods that are surplus during the growing season. After simple processing, it is stored for long-term consumption in winter. The method of preservation is nothing more than salted and smoked, because this method still exists, so I dare to make such a statement. My mother remembers the pickles of her old family, so she has to make it herself after she marries, looking for old tastes. At that time, she was the most salted, one is the beans, and the other is the radish. Beans are brewed. Take fresh and fresh beans and wash them to dry Marlboro Lights. Cook a pot of boiling water and let cool. Soak the beans and put a proper amount of salty salt Cheap Cigarettes. Serve them in the kimchi jar with lotus leaves. Fill the lotus leaf with water, and buckle a porcelain bowl against the mouth of the jar. The bowl is not in the water to block the air. I have to wait until the rest of the month, and the soaked beans will be marinated. Take away the porcelain bowl and a sweet smell of salt is released. There was a layer of white pelicans floating in the altar, and a handful of beans were thrown out. The beans were yellow-brown, and the delicious mother tasted it. "Well, this dish is well marinated!" The amount of the dish is still good. Porcelain bowl. When the second set is eaten Marlboro Red, the problem comes. The mother sucked her nose and said, "Oh, how is the taste wrong?" My nose tipped and said: "Smelly!, um, so stinky!" The mother reached into the altar and fished out the beans at the bottom Parliament Cigarettes. "Oh! "She said that widow is bad." I know clearly that I will be widowed, and I will block my mother's pickles from the beginning. "It's ruining things!" I said. Mother knocked on my head. The mother is a pair of widows, and the pickles must be widowed. I have seen more, and I can't help but admire it. It is a pity that the mother can't listen, and dreams that her pickles can taste the taste of the old woman. She marinated fresh vegetables and told me to pour out the pickles Carton Of Cigarettes. Sometimes I saw me playing with the kimchi jar, she blamed me, as if the kimzi of the kimchi soaked her memories, I can't let me play. Pickled radish is dried and marinated. Wet pickling is the same as soaked beans. Dry pickled screaming. Take some radishes, cut into silk and dry, then sprinkle with salty salt and repeatedly damp until wet, then put it into the pickle jar and squeeze it tightly, press it with stone, still use the porcelain bowl to buckle the mouth of the jar, seal with water, after the month Feeding, its taste is sweet, the taste is crisp if the mother is
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