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The star said: "You don't know my pain, because I am in your embrace. The night said: "I feel your pain, because you are in my heart. When do you think of this old-fashioned dialogue. I lay on the grass in the park and looked at the mysterious star. There were a few stars in the night sky, and the naughty beats flashing, as if watching me with a gaze. Everything is quiet and free to grow. Picking up "Grateful Parents" in my hand, the shocking little story inside makes me never tired of it. Turning to the article "Bloody Mother Love", the mother in the story used the blood of her body to build a bridge of life for her daughter Online Cigarettes, and how blood is covered with blood. shocking! ����But my mother couldn��t even go to the house with a simple ragdoll wilderness. The little deer in my heart jumped unconsciously and gently pushed the door open. It was not closed. It was very dark, no one, and walked back to the room. . I don't want to sleep, pick up the book in my hand and put it in again. A touching story that touches the invisible thorns in the heart, slowly melts like snow, hates as the thorns are scattered in the air. "I miss my mother. Someone is coming back! The heart is twitching, immediately turn off the lights, roll again Take a run and hide in the bed. A glare of light shines through the doorway, the gentle back--breathing closer and closer, the warm lips sticking to the face to satisfy me, not to mention the life of "Tangshan past" "", in that shocking earthquake, claimed the lives of thousands of people, but showed the primary color of maternal love, in order to save the child's life, an ordinary and great mother actually any child from the fingers I sucked my own blood to fill my hunger! I seem to see the face of the woman who smiles like a white wax Parliament Cigarettes. In contrast, my mother ignores my safety, let me leave home, she does not love at all. I! I really want to leave this home forever, but where can I go? The flashing starlight seems to pierce my heart, the blood is flowing, I am impatiently covering the book, boring and walking in the dark Little road, stars It shines even more, and the eucalyptus trees on both sides sway the leaves with rhythm and accompaniment. The faint glory of the moon smashes the lovely village and casts a mysterious veil. The heartbeat moves with this nature. The beauty gradually calmed down. The boring hair passed over the eyelids. A furry thing clung to the face, the glare of the light drowned in the darkness. This is the light of the mother of Buwa my dream that I dreamed of, and once again put into the darkness. Holding the book in a tight handshake, I made up my mind: "I have to grow up. I want to be grateful that the stars and the night are always inseparable, and there will be stars." They share happiness and pain together.

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